AR/VR developer and Full-stack web dev.
Hi I'm falldeaf; I'm busy making things. If you'd like to see what I'm up to recently, scroll down, or click on a category.
Programmed Motivation

My first self-published mobile indie game. A tough mobile puzzle game about automation and revenge

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A virtual reality story-telling tool that empowers journalists to create and publish engaging, true 3D content in real time.

321 Launch

A successful, Augmented Reality, Rocket Launch app published to iPhone and Android stores

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CG images I’ve created in Blender

Unity Portfolio

My Unity 3D Portfolio with examples from my upcoming 3D action/adventure game.

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Augmented Reality Rocket Demo

I put together a rough sketch style demo of a rocket launching AR game for Android phones

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Mousetrap v2.0

I augmented my trusty trackball with a scroll-wheel and some programmable buttons

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Polycom Chrome Extension

A Chrome extension that can control your Polycom IP phone from the browser

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$1 dollar Recognizer template creator

If you’ve ever used $1 Recognizer for a project, you might notice that it doesn’t have an easy way of creating new gestures/templates that you can save to disk. Here’s a couple solutions for that.

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Four button, bluetooth, Remote mobile phone control

I designed firmware, app software, a PCB and a functional case that can be clipped to clothes or bags, clothes-pin style and allows you to run pre-defined tasks by quick, simple button pushes.

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A Window drawing Chalk-Bot

I made a robot that allows me to draw images on my window.

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The OpenJSCAD to Blender Bridge

I wrote an addon that will allow you to open and edit the parameters for .jscad (Openjscad) files and import them into your scene

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