AR/VR developer and Full-stack web dev.
Hi I'm falldeaf; I'm busy making things. If you'd like to see what I'm up to recently, scroll down, or click on a category.
VR controller for the DJI Tello Drone

An experiment to control the Tello Drone using WebXR in a strictly web-based environment.

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AR Application for visualizing WiFi propagation throughout a home

AR Application for visualizing WiFi propagation throughout a home

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Programs as physical devices in a VR Demo

An experimental interface for creating user programmable devices in VR

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Programmed Motivation

My first self-published mobile indie game. A tough mobile puzzle game about automation and revenge

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A virtual reality story-telling tool that empowers journalists to create and publish engaging, true 3D content in real time.

321 Launch

A successful, Augmented Reality, Rocket Launch app published to iPhone and Android stores

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3D Modeling and Texturing Gallery

An interactive gallery of some of the 3D models and texturing work I’ve done, primarily in Blender and Photoshop

Unity Portfolio

My Unity 3D Portfolio with examples from my upcoming 3D action/adventure game.

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Augmented Reality Rocket Demo

I put together a rough sketch style demo of a rocket launching AR game for Android phones

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Mousetrap v2.0

I augmented my trusty trackball with a scroll-wheel and some programmable buttons

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Polycom Chrome Extension

A Chrome extension that can control your Polycom IP phone from the browser

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$1 dollar Recognizer template creator

If you’ve ever used $1 Recognizer for a project, you might notice that it doesn’t have an easy way of creating new gestures/templates that you can save to disk. Here’s a couple solutions for that.

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