February 16, 2020
Programmed Motivation

Programmed Motivation is my first fully completed and released indie game. It’s a tough 3D puzzler about automation and revenge. It’s available on the Google Play and Apple App store.

I created all of the art and assets, including 2D vector illustrations for character portraits and UI elements, 3D models and animations; sophisticated, custom shader effects for holograms, dynamic 2D background effects, as well as sound effects, music and more.

Each puzzle level is dynamically constructed from component pieces based on the output of a stand-alone level editor that I developed in Google app script.

In addition to product creation and deployment, I employed marketing strategies and created promotional assets. The landing page has gameplay footage, quick-hit info, and download links. I created and deployed Google ad words campaigns. I also created form letters for game reviewers that included everything they would need for editorial reviews, as well as a publicly available press kit.

Screenshot Gallery


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