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The learning sketches

I bought a sketch pad to help Ben practice his drawing ability and thought I might as well practice drawing with him!

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The TV stand

I shabbily slapped together a 2×4 furniture piece and painted it black, you’re welcome. Also I came up with a gimmick to use pegboard to organize wires.

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The present

The cute but unwanted present.

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The auto-watering garden

Working in a vegetable garden is a pleasant and rewarding experience, except for the ‘work’ part. I tried to remedy the problem.

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Whiskey fueled writing

A quick project that my friend Lance and I did to encourage a third party to put his crippling alcohol addiction to good use.

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The gift of Minecraft

Wherein I give the gift of minecraft and stick it to the man by not buying crappy, saccharine sweet gift cards.

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Hello World! :)

Hi readers! The first article post, let me tell you a bit about the site and what I’ll be doing, plus some new information about my Lol Shield Theatre Project.

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The Lol Shield Theatre

A web app, some firmware and a python program that makes it easier to view your own and the public’s animations on an LED display

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The Blinky Amp

An amplifier from scratch that is filled with more LED’s than any amplifier should be, in polite society.

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The Mp3 Garbler

A few years back when Lady Ada came out with the minty boost, making your own mp3 player was the coolest possible use of your time.

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The rabbit fur painting

A violent, mixed medium, art piece using real rabbit fur from an animal that I shot and killed myself.

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The bunk bed stair-ladder

My girlfriend asked if I could convert the beds into bunk beds and a small ladder. I had an idea to make something more fun than a boring ladder.

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