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A safer but still cool water-scarecrow

I’m still trying to fend off racoons! This time I tried to be a little safer and more stylish in the process.

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The Ambilight-Clone

I’ve been wanting to build one for a while and finally got around to making an Ambilight Clone!

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The Make Contest

I made a fancy lamp for the Make Pi Design contest! :)

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The scrap metal hanger

I welded my first functional device. The result was horrifying ugly and pleasantly useful.

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The PVC pipe hanger

I built a clothes hanger for our laundry room to let clothes air-dry.

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The scarecrow of death

I built a small machine that may scare away animals but will more likely kill you, your family and your dog.

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The TV stand

I shabbily slapped together a 2×4 furniture piece and painted it black, you’re welcome. Also I came up with a gimmick to use pegboard to organize wires.

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The auto-watering garden

Working in a vegetable garden is a pleasant and rewarding experience, except for the ‘work’ part. I tried to remedy the problem.

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The bunk bed stair-ladder

My girlfriend asked if I could convert the beds into bunk beds and a small ladder. I had an idea to make something more fun than a boring ladder.

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The vertical tv-stand

A stable, pole mounted tv-stand that does not require drilling holes in your wall or ceiling and was cheap to fabricate.

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The coffee table

A home built coffee table with a drawer and glass top and an actual blueprint/plan for the piece in blender.

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