April 13, 2016
Pipe Animus, my JRPG style video game with pipe puzzle combat


I’ve always wanted to make a JRPG style video game, this is my attempt at making one. It’s about nine months of sustained effort and was a great learning experience. The engine is MelonJS and the game engine is mostly from scratch with a decent list of features:

  • Cut Scene event scripting and custom creation tool for building scenes
  • Sophisticated pipe puzzle combat game with lots of mechanics
    • Recursive algorithm that can detect many conditions
      • If all exit pipes are connected
      • If there’s open holes in the piping
      • If water is hitting enemies
      • How much water pressure ┬áis available
    • Varied enemy types with different strategies
    • Boss type
  • Dialogue with icon types indicating whether the text contines, is at the end and custom types for locked doors and other conditions
  • Inventory with outfits, weapons and event objects that affect the characters appearance and abilities in combat
  • Uses Tiled for map creation, NPC and puzzle placement, dialogue and event markers, custom events


Let’s Plays

Watch some videos of Let’s play’s made about my game, made by Kintinue and Alder Monster

Screenshot and art Gallery

Download and Play

Download and play my game:
Pipe Animus Download
If you’re on windows, just double-click on run.bat. Otherwise, for Mac or Linux, you’ll need to download the a 0.10.1 version of Node Webkit for your system.


Hey thanks for reading this far! Maybe you'll be interested in more of my projects? Check out my homepage :)