November 17, 2015
A safer but still cool water-scarecrow


Racoons are a recurring theme now, on this blog. However, this time it’s more more sinister. They’re not knocking over garbage, they’re defecating in a pool. It was really gross.

The last time Racoons gave me trouble, my solution was to rig a sprinkler to a motion sensor. That wasn’t a safe setup, however.


This time, I thought I’d go with something smaller and safer but still cool! I went with this water gun. and this PIR motion sensor and then just a low volt. relay and an NPN transistor.

And just to make it seem a little more stock and easier to use. I built the motion sensor into a Nerf rail attachment so that it was easily removable as well.

I think this quick schematic is how I pulled it off (It was a year ago or so when I made it.)

The Motion sensative water gun schematic

The Motion sensative water gun schematic


And finally, here’s a build gallery with probably enough detail to recreate this, if you like! :)

Build Gallery


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