March 19, 2012
The PVC pipe hanger

Surfboard wetsuit clothes rack

I have a couple other wet-suit tops and board shorts; I didn't build a clothes hanger for one shirt... swear.

The PVC Hanger

My girlfriend always trusts that I can build something functional but sometimes worries over the aesthetics of things that will be installed in the home...

Clothes hanger symbol

I embedded the symbol for a hanger so that people will hang clothes on the device instead of creating a bat farm or foolishly running steam through the pvc pipes.

This weekend I was asked by my girl to put a a clothes hanger up in the laundry room. I had just finished adding a pvc pipe clothes hanger to my surfboard rack so I decided to do something similar for the laundry room.

What I ended up with was three lengths of pvc connected to a 32 inch 2X4 with rounded corners, painted
white, with the symbol of a hanger carved into the backing using a dremel.


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