February 9, 2012
The advertising apology


“Are you a maker/diy’er with a project blog?”“Yes, I love making stuff and it’s fun documenting and sharing with other makers!”

“Would you like a huge, ugly AD plastered on your site to make money and help you cover expenses?”

 “Er… I’m not sure I like the AD idea but it’d be nice to make a little money to help pay for hosting and material costs.”

“How would you like to make less money than you spend on server costs?”

 “I wouldn’t like that at all… “

“As well as annoy your readers and not actually get any money at all because your revenue is so low that you don’t meet the minimum balance to be sent a check?!”


“That’s what I thought, you’ve GOT to put Google brand Google Ads ™ ® © on your site!”


Close an ad

I finally made a postive, potential web trend; does this make up for the QR code fiasco?

Now hold on, I know you’re probably typing adsense.com into your browser bar already after reading the script to my fictitious commercial for Google Ads, but let me first caution you about the downsides. To put it plainly, Google ads are not a good fit for Maker blogs. I mostly post when I’ve finished a project so even though my site’s exposure is relatively good right after an article comes out, I don’t have the kind of repeat visitors that make big money, apparently. Additionally, whatever metric Google uses to decide the amount you get paid is inscrutable and chaotic. Two months ago I made 11 dollars with 3 ad clicks and this month I’m at 17 clicks after my IR Shield project and have amassed a small fortune of two dollars and forty seven cents.

So now that I’ve figured out that keeping the Google ad to the right of this text is like firing a pentagonal peg into an oval orifice, why is it still there? Because I’ve for the better part of a year I’ve been hammering the peg in so hard that the edges are giving way and the hole is cracking. I’ve almost reached the requisite 100 dollars needed to receive my official Google endorsed check. So in a nod to the sunken cost fallacy, I’m gonna ride this thing out.

However, in an attempt to mitigate the downsides for anyone reading the site who hates ads, I’ve come up with a compromise. I’ve written a little jquery code that will allow you to censor the ad or any other widget on my siderail. So as a bonus you can also hide my twitter feed if you feel like my tweeting is inane and tiresome. Just click the little red X.

If anyone out there has a wordpress blog and would like to offer the same functionality; here’s the code, it requires jquery. Just choose your own tag or leave it with what I think my readers would most appreciate.


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