March 8, 2011
Hello World! :)

Hi readers! :D

I know there’s a few of you out there because I can hear you breathing. (or google reader told me)

Usually in a nice wordpress blog, hello world is the first post. But since this is an action oriented project blog I didn’t want to start out with a bunch of wordy nonsense about what I plan to do with an empty blog. However, now that there’s one or two of you out there who liked some project I did enough to fill your already cramped RSS reader with another diy’er; I feel like I should be serving up some content on a regular basis.


So what should you expect, content wise? (besides wacky projects and bad jokes)  I usually do at least one project a month, maybe more if they’re small, rarely longer, if they’re big. I figure that in-between, I’ll write at least one article a week. In them, I’ll write about some of my half-baked ideas that may turn into projects later as well as follow-up information for my projects (new features, errata). Sound good?


lolshield baked feature screenshot

The baked in animation feature is a lie!

Ok good, here it goes. I’d like  to talk about the Lol Shield Theatre. The basic idea behind that project was being able to view animations from an XML stream that would constantly update, so you’re always viewing the latest and greatest. The problem with that is that you need your little arduino to be connected to your computer. Someone that was trying to get this working on their arduino suggested to me in email that it’d be nice to be portable. Shortly after I granted the shit out of that wish. The result of my feature add was that you can see a download link next to a picture of cake. Clicking on it will give your local computer a .pde (an arduino sketch) with the animation baked right in. Just run and upload; then you’re watching the animation you made on your hardware! :) Next, here’s a pro-tip from Jimmie Rodgers, the Lol Shield creator. “… if you want to get rid of the ghosting LEDs, just cut out either the resistor or LED connected to pin13 on your Duemilanove Arduino.


Ok that’s all for now, I’ll try not to make every article a TL;DNR. Thank you very much for reading, tell your stupid friends about me. :)




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