July 20, 2010
The rabbit fur painting

And now for something completely different. The end of this project is well in line with my interests. I like doing artistic things, like painting (digital). I decided that, being a conscientious meat eater, I’d like to know where meat comes from in a more intimate way than exchanging currency for plastic wrapped cow parts. So I devised a plan to shoot and kill a rabbit, butcher and prepare it to be cooked and eaten and to remove and tan the fur to be used for some purpose.

After learning the techniques necessary to accomplish this I successfully completed those goals. The final step in this process was using the tanned fur. What I came up with is a mixed medium art piece. A simple painting of a somewhat stylized rabbit in acrylic paints with real rabbit fur for it’s mid section. I mounted the canvas with wood framing still intact inside a shadow box frame for a more three dimensional effect and feel.

Here’s how it turned out:

rabbit fur painting

The rabbit fur painting mounted on a column shaped wall.

rabbit fur painting

The final rabbit fur painting, mounted.

rabbit fur painting close-up

A close-up of the painting.

A warning to anyone reading who may be interested in attempting this that has never hunted before: This shouldn’t be taken lightly, shooting a live animal, even for the purpose of eating it, is a difficult thing to do. It may weigh heavily on your conscience and cannot be undone. If you do decide to hunt, do your best to be humane. Get a proper rifle or a very powerful pellet gun made for shooting varmints and practice with it. Also, make sure you understand the local laws about hunting and are within your rights to shoot and kill the type in animal you are hunting in the place you’re are doing it at.



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