December 16, 2009
The coffee table

Coffee tables are expensive! After perusing online for coffee tables to get an idea of styles and prices, I found that the ones that liked looking at, weren’t ones that I’d like paying for. So for this project, I decided to try and build my own. The hook or gimmick that I cam up with for this design would be that you could look down through the table into a built in drawer. Also, to keep price down I used almost all two-by-fours in it’s construction.

The first thing I did was ‘sketch’ a design in blender. After I was happy with the design I did some math to figure out the length and number of boards necessary for my furniture piece. Since the construction was mostly two by fours, the build process went quickly. The most complicated part was making sure the drawer’s slide out mechanism was properly aligned. If it weren’t it wouldn’t work very well. To make this easier, instead of building a table then attaching the drawer, I essentially built the table around the drawer. Not much chance of it being the wrong size then! The final result won’t be confused as the work of a professional carpenter but was good enough to live in my living room  :)

And here’s the pictures to prove that it happened:

table design

TIP (table in progess)

Almost completed table

Finished table in the house

The table worked out but after coming up with the idea to have a see-through table top and interesting contents I can’t think of interesting things to put in the drawer! Doh… If you have any ideas, why not leave a suggestion in the comments. :)


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