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April 13, 2016
OpenJSCAD radial wire organizers
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OpenJSCAD is a programmatic way of creating 3D objects with two advantages over my preferred method, Blender.

  • It’s easier to create measured objects, so it’s ideal for 3D printing parts that require precision for things like screw holes and attachments.
  • It has an API for taking in variables that can dynamically affect the final model. So users can create useful, custom models without needing to be able to code or be a modeler.

For my first project using OpenJSCAD I wanted to create something that would organize all the wires in my house. I often use zip ties but my biggest issue with that method is that it’s time consuming and wasteful to temporarily remove one of the cords. My solution was to create a script that asks for an array of wire diameters and then computes a radial clip that holds the wires neatly away from each other. I like this project because I think it’s a great example of the power of both openJSCAD and 3d printers to create something that wouldn’t be possible to mass manufacture because of the different sizes and combinations of wires, necessary.

To use it, just download the¬†radial-wire-clip¬†OpenJSCAD file and drop it into the “Drop your .jscad file here” box on the OpenJSCAD parser. After that, the ‘clip sizes’ field takes a list of floating point numbers, separated by commas. They should be the diameters of each wire it will hold, in millimeters.

Clip Gallery

OpenJSCAD code


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