March 20, 2012
The scrap metal hanger

Attention! I found out after posting this that it’s dangerous to weld galvanized metal. Please don’t do it!¬†


Welding setup

The dial goes to 11 but I’m too scared to go past 6.

Peg board drill holder

This is what spurs would look like in the old days if the blacksmith was criminally stupid.

drill holder

Those drills will probably disintegrate my toes if that bracket breaks while I’m removing one.

holding drill close-up

The dreaded blurry close-up.

Last night I built my first useful thing with the help of a welding machine. Welding nuts and washers to a hot rolled stick of steel is fun and good practice but in the end it’s only good as a bludgeoning device. In truth it was probably fine for that before I got a hold of it anyway.

I very recently mounted a pegboard in my garage and bought a pack of standard pegs in an effort to organize my tools. I thought it might be neat to build drill mounts for the peg board out of some extra junk in my garage. One problem with peg boards is that when you lift out items, if there’s any friction, the item will pull up on the peg which makes it difficult to remove. I solved this problem by having the holder accommodate two drills, one is always exerting a downward gravitational pressure on the bracket so the other can be removed without the bracket itself wobbling. The final result is ugly but functional, one of my favorite types of objects. :)


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  1. cm1
    Posted May 20 at 4:26 am | Permalink

    In general, you should avoid welding galvanized metal. As you’ve discovered, it is difficult. But, more importantly, most galvanization is an alloy of zinc and *lead*. It is my understanding that the fumes are toxic. OSHA appears to agree…

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