June 28, 2011
The TV stand
Whole stand

I haven't yet organized the wires in this picture so I used photoshop 5's spot heal tool to remove them. That was easy!

My tv stand is usually a messy rats nest of wires. Even the nicest looking ones are better at hiding wire mess than alleviating the problem. I decided to take a crack at solving the problem. My basic idea was to use a peg board backing and re-purpose tool holders as places to wrap wire and hold power bricks. I was able to find a pleasing, black plastic peg board at the hardware store.

Peg board shot

I know, I know, I built a peg board organization system and haven't yet taken the time to properly organize the wires...

The magic of zip ties allows me to hang useful things from the backing, like power strips.

Surge protector

I was thinking of zip tying the television remote to the backing, too.

In the middle there’s a shelf for av equipment, consoles, etc. I’m considering building a wire based bluray, game rack under the shelf layer.

Component shelf

The external hard drive that's hooked up to my media computer is filled to the brim with legally obtained footage of cats chasing laser dots, only!

That’s pretty much it, for the most part this piece of furniture is one kernel of a good idea inside a slap dash 2×4 and wood screw monstrosity. No one is going to mistake me for a carpenter, that’s for sure. I don’t even have any hard to believe stories about miracles that I’ve performed, to relate to you. Still, it’s pretty functional and has worked out really well for me.


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