June 4, 2010
The vertical tv-stand

No drillThe fact that modern televisions have large screens but are still thin and light enough to hang on a wall is pretty amazing. However, if you live in a rented home or apartment that has textured wall paint, the fun police will prevent you from putting the big holes in the wall required to do the mounting.

You can buy a pole mounted system from some places online intended to be used in commercial installations but they are very expensive. Lifehacker has also had a post about re-purposing an Ikea product. I made one from hardware parts instead, mostly with stuff from that big, hardware, DIY store. Assuming you have a few tools for fabrication, it was pretty cheap to make. Here’s a parts list with some imperfect, memory based price estimates.

Parts List:

2×8 6 ft.   ~ $4

top rail, metal fence 10 ft. ~ $5

small size, scissor car jack ~ $30

2×4 home construction mounting brackets X 2 ~ $2

Fun noodle (pool toy) ~ $4

White spray paint X2 ~ $8

Assorted nuts and bolts ~ $4

I cut the pole to size ( about a foot less than the height of the room it was mounted in ) with a circular saw with a metal cutting blade. I drilled holes through the pole, boards and car jack using a drill equipped with drill bit meant for metal. After that, it was a simple matter to put threaded screws through the pole and boards to assemble it with the fun noodle cut in pieces on top to firmly cushion the mechanism up to the ceiling. Finally I bought a revo htpc and mounted it to the back board. As you can see in the pictures, the final step is a bit of wire clean-up. :)

The take-away here though and the main components that made this work were;

  • a simply modified car, scissor jack on the bottom to provide lift for the whole apparatus,
  • a chain link fence top rail for the pole using standard brackets to attach a wooden board, mid-pole,
  • and fun noodles, cut in half, on the top of a board to both protect the roof and provide friction (although it is also impossible to angle the top board once the mechanism is fully extended so friction only keeps it from wiggling, not from falling down.)
tv-mount napkin sketch

Wacky napkin sketch for your amusement

And of course, here’s how it turned out:

tv stand

Pole mounted tv stand, upper half


Vertical, pole mounted tv stand


tv-stand top, ceiling friction based grip


tv-stand back, showing revo htpc


A pole mounted tv stand

Disclaimer! If this hack happens to destroy your shiny flatscreen, I will assume the following responsibilities only:

  • I will be sooo sympathetic.
  • I may write a strongly worded letter addressed to gravity (or your kids if they’re the ones that kicked over your tv mount).
  • I’ll do a lot of crying, in a fetal position next to the bathroom toilet, which may or may not be related to your property destruction.


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