June 18, 2010
The bunk bed stair-ladder

To increase space in my girlfriend’s son’s room, my girlfriend asked if I could convert the beds into bunk beds and build a small ladder. I agreed but thought I had an idea to make something more fun than a boring, old ladder. Instead I created a series of ladders and stairs that they could climb over to get to the top bunk. And to help with space, the inside of the structures have a base to store stuff. The result was more like a practical, in-door jungle gym than a means of reaching the top bunk. In the end the boys enjoyed the structure and there’s only been one fall with zero serious injuries to date. :)

Here’s how it looked:

Bunk-bed shelf/ladder/stairs angled

A side view of the stair/ladders.


Bunk-bed shelf/ladder/stairs

Front view of stair/ladders.


Demonstration of stair/ladders

The stair/ladders in use.


Stair/ladder pose

Young stair model hamming it up for the camera.


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